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Can't Lit

Aug 28, 2023

Hello! If you love summer, like Dina, you're probably sad it's coming to a close sooner rather than later. If you hate summer, like Jen, you're probably relieved! But no matter what the season, Can't Lit is here for you. And this month we talk to the one and only, author and podcaster (authors and podcasters, they're just like us because they are us!), Nathan Whitlock! We talk about his new novel, Lump (out now with Dundurn Press), guerrilla book marketing, dark humour and writing, the process of working with a sensitivity reader, and Jen compares Nathan to Jane Austen (sort of), and somehow that turns into Nathan being the Beer Goggles Jane Austen (copyright pending)! Also, one of the most controversial "What Can't You With" ever?! You be the judge! Listen for a good time!!